Saturday, August 3, 2013

New release: Tfs Admin Toolkit 1.3

So it’s time again, a rainy day or two in an otherwise warm and sunny summer vacation, and a polite request in the same direction as my previous thoughts and I suddenly I had improved the Find In File feature.  I had also made some improvements to the Test Attachment Sizes feature earlier (the code for them have been available on CodePlex

Putting them both together and it's time for a new release of tfs Admin Toolkit 1.3 to Visual Studio Gallery, you can find the new version at

Preview and Open File in Find In Files
I made two improvements to the Find In Files feature, the first one is adding a preview pane showing the text and the matching string marked, from the selected file in the search result table , as shown on this picture.

The second improvement is perhaps a bit harder to notice, but if you right click (or double click) on a row on the search result and select open file, Visual Studio will open up the file and navigate to the line with your search match.

Splitting test attachment cleaning jobs
If you’re cleaning out large amounts of test attachments you may run into problems like performance, availability and even timeouts. To avoid those problems you may need to clean out your test attachments at small chunks, by manually editing the test cleaning config file and running the cleaner job multiple times, typically limit the date/age span for the clean, for each chunk.

I added the capability split a cleaning job into smaller chunks by age and automatically generate config files and execute statements. 

You can also select file types to include in the cleaning by selecting them in the UI.

By overriding those values, the tool will create project specific copies of the config file and modify the project specific config files for you. I also added a very basic capability to copy the content of the main grid to the clipboard.

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