Sunday, September 30, 2012

Minor updates to TFS 2012 Community Team Tools

Two weeks ago I got great feedback in the form of an email with a screencast from a user having a hard time to get the TFS 2012 Community Team Tools to work.  Not only was we able to figure out a solution to the original problem, he also managed to help me make the Community Team Tools better, and not only the Team Tools, the improvements and fixes was quickly incorporated into other projects I’m currently working on.

A new release
The result is the release 1.0.1 of TFS 2012 Community Team Tools. It contains minor bug fixes and improvements, such as:
•    Added a /? Option
•    Added warning message if a non-recognized command was passed.
•    Help text didn’t match parameters name.
The new release can be found at and

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sogeti Sweden Visual Studio 2012 Roadshow

During August and September my life has been somewhat hectic with a lot of WORK to be done. Except for the ramp up of client upgrades, I’ve also been planning and putting together a VS2012 Roadshow targeting 11 cities across Sweden together with my colleagues at Sogeti.

The rest of this post is information in Swedish about the Roadshow:
Tillsammans med Microsoft genomför Sogeti en nationell roadshow. På elva orter kommer vi att visa upp nyheterna i Visual Studio 2012 och Team Foundation Server 2012 med fokus på agilt arbetssätt, utvecklareffektivitet och kvalitet. Den nya Visual Studio-versionen ger stöd genom hela livscykeln, från kommunikation med beställare, till daglig drift av det färdiga systemet.

Inplanerade orter och datum

Karlstad 10/10
Borlänge 18/10
Västerås 30/10
Örebro 31/10
Jönköping 1/11
Sandviken 7/11
Umeå 8/11
Sundsvall 9/11
Linköping 15/11Stockholm 23/11
Malmö 29/11

Seminariet riktar sig till alla som är involverade i utvecklingsprojekt: kravställare, utvecklare, testare, arkitekter, scrum masters, projektledare och chefer.

För att synliggöra nyheterna så konkret som möjligt följer vi ett agilt projekt från krav till drift. Detta så att du får en inblick i kommande möjligheter och utmaningar för dig. Kom och inspireras av hur nya Visual Studio kan hjälpa dig att hantera ditt projekt.

• Agil kravhantering
• Stöd för Agila team (Scrum & Kanban)
• Prototyping i PowerPoint
• Nyheter för utvecklare (kodgranskning, enhetstester, m.m.)
• Exploratory Testing för kvalitetssäkring
• Feedback från beställare
• Samarbete utveckling/drift i produktion


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Find in Files : New feature of TFS Administrators Toolkit

The other day I was asked if it was possible to find out if a specific string ever had occurred in the source files of a specific project. As this is not possible in TFS out of the box today I said that it could probably be done in a couple of hours if needed.

Creating a search function    
Quite soon I was asked to put my money where my mouth was:) So I developed an Visual Studio Extension that, using the tfs api, would loop through each file and each file revision. As this would be a quite intense operation I placed it as a new feature in the TFS administrators Toolkit. I have some ideas to make it available as a standalone VS extension, extending source control explorer with a Find in File context menu, but at the moment it’s a TFS Administrators toolkit feature only.

Find in Files window
The result of my effort is the new Find in Files window in TFS Administrators Toolkit.  It enables you to search for text in the content of source controlled files.  Amongst its features is
•    Search files in source control matching selected wildcards
•    Option to search in History, searching through each file revision.
•    Option to search case sensitive or not
•    Option to search using Regular Expressions

Update!!! The Find in Files feature is availble in both VS 2010 and 2012. The 2012 version is updated with more features, as Search result prview, Source Control Explorer integration and more...

You can download the TFS Adminsitrators Toolkit from Visual Studio Gallery at

VS 2012
VS 2010