Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TFS Scorecard released on Codeplex

Yesterday I released the TFS Scorecard project on codeplex. TFS Scorecard is a report with the goal to provide you insight in your TFS environment and your organizations Team System adaptation.

The TFS Scorecard actually started a long time ago, when I first saw Brian Harrys dogfooding posts on Microsoft Team System adaptation. I wanted to know what went on in my own backyard, and running Brian’s SQL queries was a good start. Later I came across a reporting services report made by Christian Nielsen as I upgraded it with the 2008 version of the queries.

Since then I have used the report internally and at different customers, running into new information needs and adding functionality along the way. It has helped me answer questions, motivating costs and activities and solving performance issues.

Moving the TFS Scorecard to Codeplex was made mainly to make it easily accessible for everyone. Have it helped me it could perhaps prove to be useful to others.