Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My first book project completed - Pro Team Foundation Services

I’ve just completed one of the most fun and challenging hobby project I ever committed to. For the last 10 weeks I’ve been writing on a book on Microsoft’s hosted Team Foundation Services, together with 3 of my friends and colleagues Mattias Olausson, Joakim Rossberg and Jakob Ehn. It’s my first book project and to me it’s amazing to see the hard team work resulted in a real book – Pro Team Foundation Services, that’s now available in the stores now.

Writing a book – let’s make it challenging
Writing a book can be a challenge, but this project’s had two extra challenges. The first was a 10 weeks hard none moveable deadline. We had 10 weeks to get the Book done, turning it from a rough Table of Content to a 400 page book.
The second challenge was to write a book on a moving target like Microsoft hosted Team Foundation Service. Microsoft deploys a new version every third week, with new improvements and features. Thanks to the cooperation and support from Microsoft and hard work, we managed to align our plans and the book to Microsoft planed releases.

A book project is Team Work
As I said this was my first book project, even though I had some thoughts about writing earlier, but I can’t overstate how happy and grateful I am that I jumped aboard, and for the phenomenal team that worked together to make it happened.  Working with three other Authors with experience helped me a lot. But there is much more than just an author behind a book, there is a complete team with Book Editors, Technical Reviewers and many other people contributing -Thanks Mark, Matthew, Mary and Jonathan and the rest of the Apress team. But we also worked closely with other MVP’s and Microsoft Product Groups - Thanks Terje, Jamie, Will, Ravi, Anu, Vijay, Ed and Brian thanks for your invaluable support, input and feedback.

The book Pro Team Foundation ServicesI might as well tell you something about the book also  Pro Team Foundation Services aims to help you to implement agile and ALM practices with Microsoft Team Foundation Services. From deciding whether or not you actually should use the hosted service or not, to having your project setup, planned, developed, tested and released using agile practices.

You can read more about the book at Apress or Amazon .

I definitely learned a lot writing the book and I hope you will find the book useful.

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