Monday, November 12, 2012

TFS Administrators Toolkit now on CodePlex

The last weekend I finally got around to publish the TFS Administrators toolkit on CodePlex. The new home for the source and backlog is now

Cleanup and improved features in progress Since last release I’ve been giving the source a much needed StyleCop run through. I’ve also done some refactoring mainly of the UI for progress indication.
In terms of new or improved features I’m currently improving the Find in files feature, making it accessible directly from Source Control Explorer using a context menu, added capability to search any set of folders, and not limiting it to one Team project as of today.
I’m also in progress of improving the UI for Test Attachment Sizes, and adding the capability to break down test attachment sizes over time.

Future plans My current plan is to use the CodePlex site as home of the source and backlog, and even make beta or experimental releases on the CodePlex site. I will still continue to push more stable releases of primarily the Vs2012 VS Extension on VisualStudioGallery.

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