Sunday, October 14, 2012

TFS Administrators Toolkit 1.1 for VS 2012

It’s been a while since the last update, but yesterday I released an update of the TFS Administrators Toolkit. Most of the new features was implemented months ago, and the source has been available in the CodePlex project,  Before I published a new release of the tool on the VS Gallery, I wanted to fix some bugs and try to address some of the feedback I got.

Find In Files integrated in source control explorer
One of the improvements I’ve made is to integrate the Find In Files feature into Source Control Explorer by adding a context menu. Now you can right click on any folder and Select Find In Files to do a recursive search in that folder. I’ve also, hopefully, fixed some bugs reported.

Improvements for Test Attachments Sizes
I made some UI improvements, like encapsulating the display of Total test attachments sizes in an expandable section. I’ve also added support for the 2012 version of TestAttachmentCleaner, as well as some other minor improvements.

Update Reports and Portals
The Update Reports features has been updated and is now called Update Reports and Portals. In the new implantation you can now select if you want to either update reports, portals or both for existing team projects. I also improved the logging features by parsing the log file for pushing new reports or portals and offers a way to easy open the logfiles.

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  1. Hi Mattias,

    Thanks for the good work on the tools.

    One thing the links for tfs admin + scorecard after your Blogroll are broekn they both end ...plex,com