Monday, June 18, 2012

TfsTeam command line utility

Last week I did a quick job to unblock a rangers project and create a command line tool for managing team and team members.  Although the tool released quickly unblocked the rangers project, the feature set was far from complete, so why leave it half done?

Short recap
In the beginning of June my fellow rangers discovered a missing feature, there was no tooling to enable automation of managing the new features of teams and team members in TFS 2012 RC. A day later we had a working solution with the basic feature set (List teams, create team, add user to team) that after reviews got published as a code sample. For those more interested you can read more about it the following posts  and

Completing the feature set
After a short brainstorming exercise I came up with the following basic features ListTeams, GetDefaultTeam, SetDefaultTeam, CreateTeam, DeleteTeam,RenameTeam, ListTeamMembers, addUser, RemoveUser as a suitable feature set for a first release. As I got most things setup and figured out already it didn’t take long to implement the complete feature set.

The resulting exe and source code can now be downloaded from my skydrive until I can get an official place to put it to.


Next step
The next step is most likely to release it on codeplex and Visual Studio Gallery as a community tool. And then start building a backlog, witch at the moment contains a couple of minor fixes and perhaps looking to add PowerShell Commandlets to it.

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