Thursday, June 28, 2012

Community TFS Team Tools released at CodePlex

I’ve  just pushed the button and released the Community TFS Team Tools Codeplex project, and the binaries is now packaged and downloadable from Visual Studio Gallery as Community Tfs Team Command line utility. All in effort to make the tools and source code easily available.

Links and locations
You will find the Community Tfs Team Tools codeplex project at and the latest stable binaries at

Based on the ALM Rangers Quick Response Code sample
The Community TFS Team Tools project is based on the ALM Rangers Quick Response Code Sample, and extended with more features. If you want to know more about the ALM Rangers or the Quick Response Sample that started it all, please read the following posts

Future plans
Jason Stangroome did a PowerShell Quick Response sample based on the rangers Quick Response Sample ;) ,  you can find it at This got me thinking about exposing the commands as PowerShell Commandlets, preferable without duplicating the code. So if I find a way, or hopefully get pointed at it,  it might be the next feature.

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