Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in business

This week was the first real work week for a while. For the last eight month I've been on parent leave taking care of my daughter at home. During my parental leave I've been taking a couple of smaller customer assignments. Somehow they ended up being more than a couple, leaving no time for this blog amongst other things.

But this week I'm back in business, My daughter started at the local daycare center and I went back to work. Hopefully this will mean that I can do some post on the stuff I've done during the parental leave. I also started to work on my backlog, hopefully it will result in some posts and announcements.

About announcements, this week I got an email from Microsoft congratulating me to the Microsoft Community Contributor Award. It's always nice with all kinds of feedback, all comments, emails and even awards :) are greatly appreciated and motivates me to share my thoughts, findings and experience.

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