Thursday, October 14, 2010

TFS2010 Automated team project creation

This is a update on a the code from a previous post TFS Admin, Part II - POC Automated Order process. It has been upgraded to handle tfs2010 and different team project collections .

The feature set includes

• Order form for team project.
• Approval of team project orders
• Automatic team project creation
• Assigning of admin permissions to project admin.
• Reassigning work items to project admin
• Assigning contributors (New)
• Applying standard enterprise access rights
• Applying standard policies
• Sending notification email to project admin

Future plans
I'm in progress of implementing post creation synchronization of contributors. At the moment you can add contributors by editing the contributors field in the SharePoint list. The tool then synchronizes (add) the user as contributor to TFS, RS & WSS. So far the tool doesn't remove contributors or synchronize the list of contributors in SharePoint with the team project. The goal is to make it possible to handle the most common tfs user administrative tasks directly in the SharePoint portal, without installing any client side tools.

Code, Binaries and SharePoint list template
You can find the source, binaries and a SharePoint list template at my skidrive The process of implementing is described in the TFS Admin, Part II - POC Automated Order process post. The process is most about about creating a custom list in sharepoint and edit the tools config file.


  1. Hi Mattias,

    Exactly what i was looking for, but i am unable to find the process of implementation.

  2. Where can I download this file?