Thursday, April 8, 2010

Contacting all users running non Tfs2010 compatible clients

Looking at migrations of several tfs servers with 100+ users, I got the urgent need to track and inform users not already upgraded vs2008 & vs2005 with forward compatibility pack. Tracking is easy, I use the Tfs Scorecard and its activity logging features to figure out who is running vs200 RTM and SP1 clients. The problem is that I don't get a good list to paste into a mail, due to reports format and user formats.

Easier to send mail
After looking at the report a number of times and thinking " It would be good to have an send mail button" I finally did something about it. In the Tfs Scorecard clients report I added a list of user accounts and a Send Email link creating a new email with all email addresses, visible if you expand the first level.
This latest feature is now available in source control at , direct link


  1. I know that its a 2 year old post and you may not be following the comments but I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed by your thoughtful process.Great work.

  2. Hi, Ive havent had time to put enough energy on the blog (been a bizzy ALM ranger preparing for the next release of VS), but I still have the intention to keep the blog runing and comments like yours make it fun to continue. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback !!!