Friday, April 9, 2010

Tool for import word test case documents to Microsoft Test Manager

Updates to my extensions of the TestCase Migrator Tool

Recently I had a case there I needed to import old test cases written in word into Microsoft Test Manager. I looked around for a tool capable of importing an ordinary test case written in word, but I didn't find any tool or solution.

Word - the world's most used test tool ?
In my experience most projects who have had formalized test cases has done them in word documents containing test case information (title of the test case, description, pre-conditions, use case identification) and test steps. The test steps has the format of a table with columns for actions and expected results.

Test Case Migration Tool on codeplex
The best match I found was the Test Case Migrator Tool on codeplex ( With this tool I could import Excel test cases and MTH files (Microsoft's word template for test cases from earlier versions of Microsoft Test Edition). This looked like a promising tool but when I tried it on our existing test cases written by a standard test case template the tool didn't manage to import the test cases. It seemed the tool was to hard connected to the structure of the MTH template.

Extending the Test case migration Tool
As the project was on codeplex with the source code available I did take a look to see if I could adopt the tool to our template. As the tool had a nice separation of the logic for parsing and importing data sources , I simply created a new data source and wrote my own parsing logic for our template. At first i simply replaced the MTH data source with my, but ones I got the parsing logic to work I started to integrate it as a new data source in the UI. This turned out to be a bigger task then writing the parsing logic. It took some time but at least the result looks good.

The extended Test Case Migration Tool is available
I have uploaded both the compiled version and the source with my modifications as I guess many other will find themselves in the same situation as I was - looking for a tool to batch import word test cases. Hopefully this could be a solution for some of you .


  1. This morning something happened with my .doc files. I didn't understand because of all of them were corrupted. To my good fortune I by accident discovered - fix corrupted word files on the Inet. The tool worked out my issue effortlessly...

  2. I came across a similar requirement and I also finalized to use codeplex but as you gave an extended tool for Test Case Migration so I'll give it a try too and will update you about my result.Thanks

  3. Jayprakash ParmarJuly 19, 2013 at 8:48 AM

    Thanks the tool helped to upload the Test cases...

  4. Hi, is there a tool to export the list of defects from excel to Test Manager "Defect" module?

    1. As you want to export defects from excel to tfs, I assumes you don't have any external data, like attachments for example, linked to your defects ?
      In such case, YES, MTM stores its defects in TFS Work Item Tracking, and you can both read and publish work items to TFS.
      The simpliest way is to open a "Bug" query to excel (from within Visual Studio), copy and paste the data you want to export to tfs into the opened excel workbook, and then select Publish from the team menu.

  5. Hi, I appreciate your work. Thanks for it. But I have multiple test cases in different MS Word files with different test steps and data . Will your extended Test Case Migration Tool be compatible with all these files ?

    Please reply soon...

  6. One program is Cute PDF Writer. This is a free for individual utilize program that relies on Ghostscript programming to deliver PDF documents.

  7. Nonetheless, this requires a month to month membership. On the off chance that you just need to convert a couple of records, you might have the capacity to do as such by utilizing the free preliminary membership.