Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Renewed again !!!

Since I got the MVP reward, January the 1:st has got an extra twist, it is the day then I’m hoping on getting a Renewal email in the inbox. This year I'd ensured that it shouldn’t get stuck in the spam filter as last year.
This year I was bizzy packing for a 2 weeks’ vacation to Thailand, replacing the boring +2 C not really winter weather with sun and 30 C. Then the evening came I checked the email, I couldn’t just go without knowing, and sure it was there, the congratulation email.
For those wondering what you get as an MVP,
But for me, the best thing is being a part of the amazing ALM group, counting both the MVPs and MSFT product groups…
its mostly the title and the glory. But you also get an MVP Award kit, So after 2 weeks, actually perfectly timed to the first day back in Sweden, I got my award kit. I should also add that you get an MSDN Ultimate & Office 365 subscription and a couple of other benefits.

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