Saturday, February 16, 2013

New release of TFS 2012 Community Tfs Team Tools

One of the things I like with publishing tools and sources is that sometimes you get feedback from users who actually uses and benefits from your creations. It’s a rewarding feeling then someone takes their time to share their experiences, good or/and bad.
The one thing that’s even more rewarding in then someone not only uses it, but also get involved to make it better. 

New features added by Jesse Houwing
This is the case in the new release of the TfsTeamTools, Jesse contacted me to inform that he had extended the tool with a couple of new features he needed, and offered to help get they implement in the TfsTeamTools project. So this community project got one contributor added and a new release

This is a short description of the added features, for more details please refer to Jesse’s excellent post. 
New release available on CodePlex
To make is easily available we published a beta release on codeplex. Once we have done a more extended testing on it we will make a stable release and also publish the new version to Visual Studio Gallery


  1. Upgraded to the Visual Studio 2017 bits and moved to GitHub:

  2. Updated to Visual Studio 2017 client object model and moved to GitHub.