Thursday, February 23, 2012

Iteration Manager VS Add-In - Testers wanted

Are you tired of copying and editing a lot of Team Queries for every new iteration ? Are you willing to try and test a prerelease version of a new tool ?

Iteration Manager Visual Studio Add-In
I've started transforming a little tool I’ve been using to ease the bourdon of managing iterations in TFS to a full blown Visual Studio Add-In to handle Iteration management. My goal is to release it on the Visual Studio Gallery, during this spring. But before I release it would be good to have it thoroughly tested  That’s why I’m making an open invitation for everyone who would be interested in testing this new Visual Studio Add-In.

Intended feature set
This is the main features I’m intending to implement before official released on Visual Studio Gallery:
  • A Visual Studio Add-In using the current team explorer connection
  • Automatically configure settings based on process template
  • Create new Iteration, optional configurable task:
    • Create “Sprint” work item and set sprint dates
    • Create a new team query Iteration folder based on template
  • Change current iteration
    • Reconfigure team queries in current Iteration team query folder
On the backlog for future releases:
  • Vs11 version
  • “Repair” team queries after Rename of iteration (and areas)
  • Recreate all iteration folders based on template
  • Integration with Team Portals
  • Integration with Reporting Services

Current state
At this moment I have a working Visual Studio Add-In integration with team explorer, offering a simply UI to create a new Iteration and create a team query folder by copying an existing folder and replacing iteration filters in the queries. The next action is to start writing the configuration and auto detection parts.

Interested – Get in touch
If you are interested in testing the prerelease version of Iteration Manager Visual Studio Add-In please drop a line on twitter (mattiasskold) or contact me on IM,you can also dropp a file with your contact information on SkyDrive and Il will get back to you.

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