Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last changed Team projects - Custom Report for tfs 2008

As a TFS admin I sometime wonder how many team projects is in use and maybe when it was last changed. Sometimes I've been forced to find out and I have created some SQL queries to run against the warehouse to figure it out.

Packaged into an custom SSRS Report
Now I have packaged those queries into a custom SSRS report for tfs2008. You download the report at my skydrive Once downloaded you simply needs to upload it to your own TFS Server and point the data source to the tfs standard TFSReportDs shared data source.

TFS2010 updated version


  1. Hi Mattias,

    good job!

    It is possible to upgrade the report for TFS2010?

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks
    A quick upload, not realy tested :(

  3. Hi Mattias,

    many thanks for the quick upload.

    The report works fine :)

    I just added the collectionname and a filter to identify old projects (reference to last wi, cc and build)

    Best Regards,

  4. The 2010 report looks for a field mapping to "Team Project" that isn't there. You need to update the Select statement to get the project names to show up. Then it works great!

    tp.ProjectNodeName as [Team Project],
    wih.Date as lastWorkItem,
    cc.Date as LastCodeChurn,
    build.Date as LastBuild