Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A new beginign for the TFS AdminTool

If I had to pick the most important tool for TFS, it would without a doubt be the TFS Admin tool. It has saved me (and many others) a lot of trouble and many, many hours. To be truly honest it has made me say some bad words to, from time to time.
This makes it extra joyful to read Ladislau’s
post on the release of a CTP for the new TFS Admin 2.0 version with TFS2010 Beta2 support.

New user interface

The CTP shows of a completely new user interface. New Features includes
• bulk edit of users
• pending changes window
• output/trace window.
The most important is that the new UI seems to be more reliable than the old one.

Completely redesigned and rewritten codebase

The new user interface is not the only thing the team behind the TFS admin tool has accomplished. The TFS Admin code has gone through a major reconstruction, separating the user interface from the logic and making the code more testable. The core management of user rights is package in a separate project/assembly making it very easy to use/and extend. It is now possible to write your own gui/process and relay on the TFS admin tool to take care of the boring and time consuming tasks. Great news for the TFS community!

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